04 April ’14, 8:38 AM

(Deleted what I wanted to write about four or five times already. Get a hold of yourself. Yes, you feel tired. Are you afraid? Afraid of putting something out there? No? So, write. Write and do not delete. Remember, you are in the Thankful Reflections of your site, so…show how thankful you are!)

I am tired but very happy. (You’ve got 12 mins.)

So here’s what happened.

Dad came over yesterday to fix our pesky sink. [(Our kitchen drain has been plugged for a few weeks now) <— Delete, tense wrong]. What did he do to fix the sink? Just so I can keep a record for the next time.

1. Went downstairs with his tools. His tools included wrenches, hammer, drain snake, exacto-knife, and other things. (Complete this next time, you’ve got four minutes)

2. Opened the drain.

3. Needed to shop vac because water came out of the pipe.

4. He put his drain snake through the drain.

5. Drain snake wasn’t long enough so we had to rent a drain auger from Home Depot. For $50 and a $100 deposit, you can rent this 50-ft auger 4 hours. So we did.

6. Put the auger through the drain.

7. Voila! Drain cleared (well, kinda, it was much more complicated than that, timer has stopped, what’s another 15 mins?) 🙂

Dad, not only helped with our kitchen main drain, he also cleared out our tub drain. Ladies, clean up your hair! Hahahaha!

Dad saved us a lot. But he did leave quite a mess. Plumbing is one dirty job. New respect to all the plumbers. Good job! 🙂

Because there was quite a bit of a mess and I was getting overwhelmed, my sister helped me clean and straighten out. She is a trooper. She is one hardworking Mama. I will get there.

With chocolate, alcohol, and fun, Sis and I were able to get the mess cleaned. We even discovered “Super Penetris”! So if any of you have a stain in your carpet or couch or curtain, Super Penetris can help you get it out! 🙂 We shared some good laughs with this discovery!

5 mins.

As much as I want to write down how great and amazing of a day I had yesterday, I won’t be able to. I’ve got to move on.

Yesterday was filled with love, work. family, laughs, stories, learning, and many other things. So I am thankful. Very thankful. Thank you for surrounding me with such good, hardworking, loving people.

Thank you for the gift of Today. Thank you for Life.

Thank you, Higher You.

Love Always, 🙂 Jen

1 min to spare.

9:15 AM

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