Yesterday, was a great day! Went swimming with my Team. 🙂

I got there a bit early, so I started my “warm-up” (more like workout!) laps in the shallow end of the pool. I must say, I’ve made quite the progression since my first few pool visits. However, I have quite a ways a way to calling myself a Good swimmer. There is always room for improvement, right? 🙂 I intend to make those improvements.

l-r: Jay, the Creator of this Site, Eeds :)
l-r: Jay, the Creator of this Site, Eeds 🙂

So my Team arrives. My girl, Eeds, our Confident and Very Good Swimmer, suggests going to the deep end. I was thinking, “Deep end?!?! I don’t think I’m ready for that.” My heart was starting to race and I was beginning to get knots in my belly (even though it may not have been obvious). I agreed anyway. How am I supposed to progress if I don’t move up, or go deeper, right? So we went (grabbed a couple paddle boards, just in case). 🙂

We get to the 6-feet-something-deep water and I’m nervous af (still may not have been obvious to anyone who may have been observing). In my mind, I was going back and forth between “Can I?” or “Can I not” do this. Eeds, gets in with no hesitation. I get in, while clinging on to edge. As I’m holding on, Eeds and I catch up and share our stories. She decides to start her laps. There I was still hanging on, eventually, getting out, and sitting on the edge of the pool. Then, our Friend Jay arrives.

He and I had similar apprehension about this section of the pool. He even agreed to join me in the shallow end, as I had suggested it when he came and sat with me. Meanwhile, Miss Confident, Calm Eeds, is going back and forth, with no worry, no apprehension, no fear :). As Jay and I both watch the ease of Eeds’s movements, he says, “I’m just gonna do one” (swim to one side and come back) and he asks me to do just one, too, before we head to the shallow (the non-life-threatening) water. 🙂

I hesitate. He goes. I watch in awe. He makes it. At this point, I’m back in the water, clinging, again. He and Eeds are both chillin’ on the other side. There I was still convincing myself to just do it. After some time (like a long time), I was there clinging and thinking about wanting to get to my Team, wanting to become that better swimmer, and conquering this fear. I decided to just do it. And I did it! I made it! And I’m still alive to tell you the story! LOL!

Without the motivation of my Team, I’m sure I would have been doing my laps in the shallow end, standing up periodically and hindering my progression. But because my Team is so Awesome, we all remained in the deep end together, improved together, got to know each other more, worked out, and had fun while doing it all.

l-r: Jay, Yours Truly, Eeds, Wilma
l-r: Jay, Yours Truly, Eeds, Wilma

[Aside: This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our Swim Teacher, Wilma. 🙂 My dear friend has the heart of gold, the knowledge of thousands of books (right, Wilma? Or am I underestimating? ;)), and one of the most pure and happiest souls I have met. (If you need to learn how to swim, I totally recommend this woman. She will make a swimmer out of you and share some giggles with you along the way. ) 🙂 Her contact info is below.]

Lesson of the day: Surround yourself with people who will teach and motivate you to do more and be more, but still can have fun at the same time.

As Wilma likes to say, “Happy Swimming!” I hope you all continue to stay happy and if you aren’t happy, I really hope you find that Happiness! I’m rooting for you! 🙂

Thank you for your time. Until next time…

I am thankful for the Gift of Today. I am Thankful for Life.

Love Always,

🙂 Jen

Swim Teacher Contact Info:
Wilma O.



  1. Jen, this is great news to me! Sharing your experience and overcoming your fear are great ways to encourage others. I couldn’t be more proud of you three and so excited that even after the lessons you were able to meet up and continue what you’ve all learned. I can never thank you enough for the opportunity and I look forward to hearing more updates of your swimming goals. Happy Swimming! – Wilma

  2. Omg!!! I love it!! First of all jen I have to say what an awesome pic that is of the four of you. Genuine happiness:) I am soooo soo stoked that you guys had this idea, found the resources to facilitate this idea, and finally, conquered this dream! Im so proud you guys have come this far and its sooo enlightening to see you guys progress. I wish I could have been a part of this swim dream team! Haha but dont worry, its still is a dream of mine to get over that fear, similar to how you described it in your post. Im actually wanting to see if I could find someone to teach my brother and I on Fridays. Perhaps I will contact your friend Wilma! Anyway…I appreciate your shared thoughts and you and jay have undoubtedly inspired me to get the ball rolling on my own water adventures:) thanks girl and awesome job:)

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