Thoughts Before The Born Day :)

Written 21 July ’14 at 6:22 PM CT

Signed up to donate stem cells today!

How did this come about? Was on my FB and a friend, Joanne G., had shared a link about an Asian woman from Montreal who was pleading to the Asian community of BC to donate stem cells.

Mai Duong, 34, Mom of a 4-year-old girl was given 6-weeks to live. Because the Asian community is underrepresented in the stem-cell and blood donation registry, she asked this specific group to donate. Who knows? By donating, Mai might be given longer than just 6-weeks. 🙂 (The video is linked at the bottom.)

This absolutely pulled at my heart-strings. Something in me told me to do it, to donate. So I signed up.

I thought to myself: What better way to celebrate your birthday, the day you started Life outside of Mom, but to give another Mom a chance to live her life a little longer? 🙂 Why not?

From what I know, I’m healthy. I don’t take medication often. I haven’t been diagnosed with anything severe. I live a fairly healthy, balanced, and active lifestyle. I’ve got kids. I’m still pretty young. Why not?

Yes, there are risks. However, from what I have gathered, the benefits/rewards for others far outweigh these risks for me, one. Plus, I feel it. This is something I have to do for the World and Mai. I am hopeful things will work out! 🙂

In the topic of my birthday, I haven’t really cared too much to celebrate. But this year, I felt I wanted to do something. Initially, I had thought of calling everyone to join me for a Birthday Boat Cruise. But river levels were too high and…today, I’m thinking differently.

Tomorrow, I turn 27. As I look back to the past 26th year, I have done a lot of learning, a lot of focusing, a lot of writing, a lot of “just going for it”, and a lot of dreaming & goal setting.

With this 27th year, I hope to turn my dreaming & goal setting to reality & goal achievements. 🙂 I am determined to continue in this path of Success.

In February, I had written that this year’s word was going to be: SUCCESS! And although its in its infancy, I feel, I am on the path of Success. I will continue and only hope that those around me, who I love so dearly, will follow and come along for the ride! 🙂 (If you would like a copy of this goals workbooklet, check out the link below.)

World, Winnipeg, Friends, Family, Self, let’s show what Good we’ve got! We all possess gifts that can make this place a better place to Live, Love, and Grow. Let’s share! (I’ll celebrate when I feel the time is right and right now is not quite time :))

‘Til next time…



Link to Mai Duong’s Plea:

Link to Goals-setting Workbooklet:


Special Thank You To…

Joanne G. for the shared link on FB.

Ate Jan for referencing the workbooklet 🙂


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