The North End, My Home :)

The North End. Jig-town. The Projects. The Ghetto.

There’s a lot of crime there. You’d get killed there. I don’t even know how people who live there get out alive. Don’t go there. They say.

Here’s what I say…

Some of the most humble people come out of the North End. The most hardworking. The most entertaining. The most creative and innovative. 🙂 And some of the toughest come out of there.

For my fellow NE-ers, I hope that whatever good you are investing yourself in, may it be school, starting an organization, creating art, or going for your dream…Please continue. Stay focused.

How am I supposed to stay focused when we need money for rent? For food? For electricity? For water? How do I focus if my life’s just so crazy? You may ask.

Do what you need to do. Have faith. Educate yourself. Stay strong. Do Good. Be Good. Be patient. Love.

You will get to where ever you want to be. 🙂

For all the NE Outsiders,
It isn’t all bad. We all have something to learn from each other, even from us.

Don’t lose hope on Good, People. There is Good everywhere and in everyone

Even in the North End.

Home. 🙂


Love Always,

Jen 🙂

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