Hello Again (For the Third Time?)

It’s been a long while since I’ve been here, a very long while.

It’s not that I’ve stopped writing. Oh, I’ve been writing. LOTS! I just haven’t been sharing or posting. The reason why? There’s many. The main one, though, is Fear. Fear for who I may offend (because it’s happened before). Fear for being vulnerable and having my words used against me (because that’s happened before). Fear of the Unknown (because I don’t have a clue who’s reading this and what they can do with this stuff).

FEAR. The Diving Board.

Today, I have decided to jump off it, again.

To my Readers, I thank you for your time. Please know the pieces following today is my own, my true self at the time it was written. I mean well. I come in Peace. And many times I go through many emotions (and you will read it in my writing), that you’d think this Lady’s going nuts (Lol! At times I think I am! Lol!). But know writing brings me Solitude. Writing brings me Balance. Writing is my Passion. Writing is my Therapy.

So Dear Reader, Dear Fellow SmileyFaceLifer, I hope as you journey with me, you find some sort of Light, learn something new, start a conversation, get confused (lol!), or whatever Good it may be. I also hope to maybe hear from you, read from you, or even see you one day!

With Love and šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ (and not a whole lot of ScaredyCatness, lol),

Jen šŸ™‚

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