oH yOu Wont undErstand :)

My One-Year Social Media Detox




It’s been awhile…

If you haven’t noticed, I like saying that line “It`s been awhile.“ Because if you haven`t noticed, I like disappearing for awhile and I also like returning. I like staying quiet and then coming back to say something. I like doing that. I`m pretty sure I was built like that. So… if I`ve somehow offended anyone with my lack of presence or my silence, I really do apologize. I aim to inform, to enlighten, to excite, to inspire…to do God`s work the best way I can with what I have and what I know. So sorry… ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway (another one of my Go-To……………………………………………………………………..

sorry got side-tracked…as I usually do…excuse me. ๐Ÿ™‚


I am sitting here……and I am suddenly lost for words……

What do I mean about “My One-Year Social Media Detox“

Well, to keep it short, one year ago I decided to close down my IG account as well as deactivate my FB account (this one I need to elaborate more later).

What (Insert Question Mark)

Last year on my Hubby`s birthday I decided to stay off of my social media accounts. I took a social media detox.

Why ย (Insert Question Mark)

Because I didn`t like what I noticed that was happening to me. I didn`t like who and what I was becoming. I didn`t like what was happening at home. And lastly, I was compelled to.

What was happening (Insert Question Mark)

Well…I was caring too much about others…their homes, their work, their kids, their stuff, their status, their…life. I was caring too much about other peoples shit. Then I started , without me really noticing it, measuring myself up to what I was seeing and knowing online. In Biblical terms, I think I was biting too many ^Appl*s^ from the Internet Tree.

How did it goร‰

IT WAS FUCKING HARD. Coz then I was asking others to show me things from their accounts. And I then, I`m kinda getting embarrassed about this…I started googling things to see if I can access peoples accounts from there. And other things that i don`t remember at theย  moment…

Was it beneficial

Yes. It sure fucking was beneficial.


Why and or how

Well I wasn`t getting messages from “`family“ halfway across the world about some person needing money and shit like that. Dont get it twisted…I like helping…but only when I can. I love my family in the other half of the world. I just am not capable at the moment to help with a debut of a daughter of a 1st cousin of mine on my mothers side who I`ve only seen twice in my almost 3 decade life! I didn`t have to see certain people face ….any way the most beneficial thing that I experience from this detox was…I FOUND GOD…again ๐Ÿ™‚



I`ve got Bob Marley – One Love in the background. So Gooood…


So.. I think this where I`ll end it. I wanna wish my Hubby a Happy Happy Happy Birthday (He knows ;)). If you have any questions about my experience not being on the IG or FB, you can email me at smileyfacelifebyjen”gmail.comย  (I don`t have one of those cool professional emails yet…Ill get one as soon as I learn how to do it and have the budget to ;)). Yes you can email me…but please don`t think I`ll get back to you at that instant. ..I`ll get to you when I can…and maybe even never…just know


How things are, are how things are! —- from the wisdom of the cow in Babe the pig movie ๐Ÿ™‚


Anyway, I`d like to thank you for your time. You are awesomely dawesomely!! Sorry if I offended you in anyway…I`m sure I didn`t mean to. ๐Ÿ™‚

See you next time…or more like… write you next time.


May God Be With All of Us…Always,
















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