To Post or Not To Post?

Written By: Jen
30 Jan. 2017

I’ve got 18 minutes. I’d like to go over my thing about posting or not posting?
So as you have gathered (or not gathered), I am a parent. For myself it isn’t as easy as I’ve got something, I’ll just post it and not think twice, three, or four, or multiple times about it. Oh, I think about it…so much so I don’t post.
I leave at that.
I choose not to post because these are just some of the questions that I go through:
– Am I bragging?
– Is this appropriate?
– What will this say about me, my family, and my community?
– Can this be misinterpreted? And is this offensive?
– Is this worthwhile?
– If my kids read this or children that I teach or their families read this, what impact will it make?
– Is this me?
– Am I being true to my purpose? Does this serve my greater purpose?
– Does this contradict anything that I’ve said and done in the past that I may or may not have grown from?
– Can this be used against me and/or my family?

You get it…right?
These are just some of the questions; there’s more. And I’m sure there are even more that you’ve thought of.
Anyway, I think I’m getting to an age that sometimes… you just have to jump off that diving board and experience it (it’s way better than standing on the sideline, in regular clothes, with arms crossed, a frown on your face, and just watching…unless you find great joy in observation ;)).

At this point, or this time, at least, I choose to experience it and hope for the best.


In Jesus, I Trust!


Jen 🙂


Note: If you know how I can get my actual signature on this thing and are willing to help me out (with no strings attached), lemme know; that would be just pure Awesomeness! Thanks!

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