Let me let it out.

Hubby provided love to us, his nuclear family by…

…working last night, then cooking breakfast before going to bed.

Here I am…I got ready, watched the solar eclipse, worked on Kylah’s party stuff, prepped the kids’ lunch… only for the kids to come back to me to say they don’t like it; it’s too spicy.

As a parent, it’s fucking frustrating to do so much for someone else only to get…”oh, I don’t like it.”

Have I just wasted my time and energy? Do I accept their truth? Do I assert my own? As a parent, do I give up my own freedoms for the unsureness of this growing generation?

As I have done to my own parents (and seen from others), I know (not for sure) my kids will do it to me, too. So why keep going? Just take away all their choice…it’ll be much simpler.

I don’t know where I’m going with this but today, I got a touch of challenge in “feeding my family,” – sometimes they don’t like what you cook. What do you do? How do you react?

The upside to today – I was able to catch the solar eclipse on NASA TV πŸ€“. One announcer called it “majestic,” I call it magical. A part of me wanted to call it scary but when I saw that “diamond ring” after the moon passed over the sun, I was moved to tears. I know if I was on a more elevated state, I would be sobbing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

How I saw it was like this:

Humanity is moving towards darkness but we keep moving… slowly but surely, we keep moving…

In that movement, despite heading and living in darkness for a short while, little by little, light does come.

That “diamond ring” hits and YOU’RE STRONGLY ADVISED to protect your eyes, for that light is God, is STRONG, is MAJESTIC, is MAGICAL, is MOVING…

…and absolutely beautiful. 😚

The spectator just has to be awake to experience it. That’s all.

As it’s been taught to me:

“Don’t be caught sleeping”

at the Solar Eclipse, for you will miss the Beauty of God!



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