Before I go to bed I’d like to … hold on… I wanted to note the Scripture Readings for today, which is the 27th day of January in the year twenty-eighteen:

Luke 20.1-26

Gen 35-36

Ps 27

Jdt 4

If you are compelled to read them, PLEASE DO SO WITH OPENNESS. No point in reading scripture if Heart is hard and closed.


Going back to what I wanted to say before dozing off to sleepy-sleepy land… Dear Reader, understand sin entered our world before you, before your adversaries, before your adversaries’ adversaries. We’ve been all placed here because of God. We’ve all been given the gift of … ENJOYING THE FUCK OUT OF OUR DAYS HERE (that doesn’t mean for you to blow your paycheck 😉 especially if you’ve got a beautiful growing family tree :)). Again, sin entered the world… not everyone understands this and not all days will allow you to ‘Enjoy the Fuck’ … and that’s okay, too… hang in there. Trust in the Flow of Life.


So let me leave you with this one:


Sh’ma Yisrael adonai eloheinu adonai echad.

❤ Jen :)+

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