#44 of “Monkey Brain 2018”

I’m feeling a bit scattered. So… when that happens I turn to a number of my “unscattering self” tools; one of which is to write.

In this piece, I will try to “unscatter” myself by releasing my excess or undesirable monkey brain energy… so this Mom can get on with her day!

1. The later half of my day yesterday wasn’t very good. I was on this low…even though earlier on the day, it was the opposite.

2. I have a 7th birthday to plan and… I was overwhelmed by the idea of having to please people and not hurt anyone’s feelings by not inviting them or not sticking with tradition.

3. … I forgot.

I guess my brain’s already moved on to the AWESOME… such as:

A. Typically when I’m starting to travel on the Dark Road, it would take me maybe more than a week to realize I have to turn my car around. But… this time, it’s … I guess… a day.

B. For B – my first born. She got this idea to have a pool party and I think it’s gonna be fun. I am reminded why I went this way anyway and that is this: When I look back to my own 7th birthday party, I naturally remember getting my hair pulled back sooo tight into an updo that it hurt my face. I was a completely miserable kid… never really remembering who was there and what the whole hullabaloo was about… I do remember the food and I guess people were happy to be there. But me… I was pinched by my elders to keep a smile on my face that day! I say, quality over quantity and… what’s realistic over over-the-top when it comes to parties for me.

C. These new two apps I’ve been using for the past three weeks now have, I believe, contributed to my faster turn-around time. One has kept me keeping up with not the kardashians but good morning habits such as drinking water, exercising, and eating a good breakfast. The second app has helped me with my exercises.

D. Which brings me to this: I’ve kept up with my goal of running/walking/jogging/plogging for this month. I’m at 16.42 out of 50 KM. The big persons in our home have been able to keep up with our Lenten Intentions… really. We’ve passed our halfway mark. There’s been no social media for one and daily gym visits and no smoking. There’s been no smoking and no asshole-iness. There’s also been no wrath, no Spotify, and regular exercises.

E. The sun is brightly shining down on our newly-blanketed-in-white land.

Last night was dark, for me, and I almost accepted that I was “sick.” But this morning, God indicated to me “It’s all G” πŸ˜‰ and to give it to Him… For this Mommy Monkey Brain… sometimes I just forget.

So Dear Reader, it’s not too late to join in on the Time of Lenten Intentions. For the next 20 days, how will you go into the desert and fight the temptations as Jesus did? Or as Archbishop Gagnon had talked about this past Sunday, how will you “cleanse the temple”?

Unscattered. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Sh’ma Yisrael adonai eloheinu adonai echad.

❀ Jen +:)

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