Dear Reader,

Jen, here.

I have something to share.

It’s a piece I had created here at the comfort and safety of my home… as the kiddies sleep.

I must let you know though, this piece is rough; very rough. If you’re expecting a CBC, Global, New York Times, Winnipeg Free Press- type article, you’re not gonna get that.

What you will get is… authenticity, silliness, and something built and shared on faith.

I’ve decided to share this unedited version because (1) I feel like it; (2) I wanted to demonstrate a true part of the creative process; and (3) my resources of human, money, and time are very limited. So I strongly encourage True Christian positivity when going through this piece.

So before I share it, I would like to acknowledge the following:

I acknowledge Creator – without Him/Her/It, nothing is; I acknowledge the Canadian and Treaty 1 soil, I and my people have been allowed entry and resources to live and prosper; I acknowledge our Elders who made their choices to leave their Motherland, sacrificed many aspects of their lives told and untold, and aimed to give the next generation better opportunities than they had; I acknowledge our various Peers from past and present who have taught us lessons, shown us skills, and provided us with Good Company; I acknowledge the growing generations who look to us for guidance, knowledge, and example – may you find and do what is GOoD.

Dear Reader, here it is:

#56 of “Monkey Brain – Part II”

It’s been a long while since I’ve written in here. But to you reading this, it’s just been one page. But for me the person writing, it’s been two months.


I watched the trailer for the Quincy documentary on Netflix today and he stated (not in these exact words) that we have 26000 days to live and he’s going to push each one. This made me think “hey, does this apply to me?”

Let’s do the math if, you nerd, haven’t already calculated it. Twenty-six days divided by 365 days is … calculating … 71.23 years! 70 years!

They say (I don’t have a proper and reputable source for this) with the improvement of technology and knowledge of our human physical bodies, the human life span is reaching to the 80s (not the decade, but the number of years).

Where am I going with this again? [Yes, I am high…go ahead, arrest me ;)]

Ok, 71 years… or 80 years…there was a period of time when I wanted to make it to 100… but now that I’m writing this out … I don’t think I want to make it that long… That’s a fucking long time!

At that point, based on the growing generation that I’m seeing now… I don’t know if I should be trusting on that generation to care for my very slow and brittle and possibly forgetful physical body.

So… how many years is it gonna be?

Just got distracted by my music… #currentlistening “Walk Da Talk” – Walking on Water… I’m distracted.

So how many years is it gonna be? If I’m thirty something right now, and my children are in elementary, what of my children and my husband would I like to see? How old would I like to help my elders get to?

I have to be honest, I am high. I am so distracted by this “New Each Day” by Walking on Water that I don’t remember what I’m even writing about anymore.

This sounds so very 80s. and very amateurist… but I appreciate the courage of the artist(s) who published this piece of art.

Blasted… kinda …

Okay I cannot keep doing this… I don’t think creating a new playlist is a good idea when I’m elevated…[bankcommercial][bank commercial][bankcommercial]

[playing: We Control the Dice – Mantronix]

26000 days. Let’s say I make it up to 40000 days. 40 like the very significant number in the bible. What will 40000 days look like? 109 years! That’s a lot of time. Within a forty thousand day life span what’s that in relation to a family tree?

I don’t want to do the math [playing… Meant to be (Ft. Florida Georgia Line) Bebe Rexha] … playing [Close (Radio Edit) by Marvin Sapp]

Hey.. Dear Reader, how’s your family doing? How are you doing? How are doing with all those goals? Have you been able to cry it out? Scream it out? Run it out? How’s the changing of habits going? How ’bout the partnership? How are the children? How are your finances? How’s your relationship with God? Are you still lit in there? Or has the fire burning in your furnace gone out?

Dear Reader, if I have hurt you in the past or didn’t live up to an expectation that you had of me…I pray for your not-having-hard-feelings :). And if you do have the hard feelings, please go visit your closest dispensary and tell them you are experiencing feelings of hate, jealousy, and rage. I trust they will help ease those. 🙂 🙂 🙂

10/17 is on it’s way here in the Canadian and Treaty One Land. As John Arbuthnot, of Delta 9, stated on the Sunday Panel at the Winnipeg Cannabis & Hemp Expo held at the RBC Convention Centre, “We have the chance to make it right.”

I agree.

[Playing: Don’t Apologize – Cheryl Fortune]

Thanks for being Dear Reader. May His Peace be with you.

[dove][yellow heart][yellow sun]

[Playing: Listen – Marvin Sapp]


So how was it?!? I have to tell you that I’ve been training my brain not to be so critical of the self, so if I were to answer this question…

… I’ll just leave it to you to answer. 🙂


Anyway, that’s enough sharing for this INTJ. I gotta get to sleep.


Thanks again.


[dove][yellow heart][yellow sun]


[playing: For Your Glory – Tasha Cobbs]

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