(62634120018102) What Is This?

What Is This?


I’ve been asked that before. What is this?

[Playing: Party Up – DMX]

Well, simply put, it’s a public outlet that shares pieces of my INTJ self.

The Self these days come in so many forms, shared in so many ways… that it really is difficult to summate a Self in one sentence.

I once came across this piece of media:

Japanese saying about faces

I find it exposing a truth that I’m familiar with.

[Playing: Back To Life – Soul II Soul, Caron Wheeler]

Let’s expose myself first.

I can say I do have a face that I show the world…especially new and unfamiliar environments. I can also admit that I have “a face” that various friends and family see and know. And yes, I do have “a face” that Hubby and the girls know and see everyday… and that’s the one that’s closest to how I truly am.

This here, what you’re reading right now, is also a “face”-form that I believe is the closest to who I am.

My difficulty and challenge is remaining aligned and courageous enough to keep all theses faces…ONE.

Now before you leave, Dear Reader, out of fear and disgust that I’ve just revealed some faces, understand that many others have these too. And it’s becoming very evident and prevalent in the mainstream medias. So be mindful.

[Playing: Honey – Mariah Carey]

So going back to the question What Is This?


Just pieces of Jen…J.


I acknowledge Creator – without Him/Her/It nothing is; I acknowledge the Canadian and Treaty 1 soil I and my people have been allowed entry and resources to live and prosper; I acknowledge our Elders who made their choices to leave their Motherland, sacrificed many aspects of their lives told and untold, and aimed to give the next generation better opportunities than they had; I acknowledge our various Peers from past and present who have taught us lessons, shown us skills, and provided us with Good Company; I acknowledge the growing generations after us who look to us for guidance, knowledge, and example – may you find and do what is GOoD.


Thanks for being here.



[dove][yellow heart][yellow sun]

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