(25514130018102) Old School

[Playing: School of Old- Live — Run-D.M.C.]

There’s something about that piece of Art… or Expression… that’s so captivating for me.

[Playing: The Good Good – Snoop Lion]

Head bobbing. Hands and arms suddenly getting a life of their own and they’re waving in air like they just don’t care.

It’s old school (or is it old skool?) and it’s GOoD… like The Good Good. 🙂
On this topic of Old School, I had left a comment on one of my classmates-from-grade-5’s Facebook thanking him for sharing a part of his story in bettering his Self. Grad e 5?!? That’s a long time ago… without doing the math… it’s probably getting closer to 20 years ago…


The fuck?!? I swear to you, Dear Reader, I’m still negatively affected by some of my experiences from that time… today. Coz to me, when I remember those memories, it feels like it happened just last week.


[Playing: Don’t Apologize – Cheryl Fortune]

I get it. And I absolutely can relate. And probably still going through it and probably will still go through it. Getting passed it takes time… and many other … things. 😉

[Playing: Never Alone – Tori Kelly]

I’ve learned that the old school may bring up some really shitty memories and feelings but…in a particular level of being, Old School can be soooooo GOoD.

[Playing: (Insert Best Old Skool Expression that gets you putting your hands in the air like you just don’t care)]

Here’s mine. [Playing: Put Your Hands Up – Fat Man Scoop]

I acknowledge Creator – without Him/Her/It, nothing is; I acknowledge the Canadian and Treaty 1 soil I and my people have been allowed entry and resources to live and prosper; I acknowledge our Elders who made their choices to leave their Motherland, sacrificed many aspects of their lives told and untold, and aimed to give the next generation better opportunities than they had; I acknowledge our various Peers from past and present who have taught us lessons, shown us skills, and provided us with Good Company; I acknowledge the growing generations after us who look to us for guidance, knowledge, and example – may you find, choose, and do what is GOoD.

Thanks for, as the saying goes, kickin’ it wit me (That was fun to write.)

[dove][yellow heart][yellow sun]

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